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Performances are evaluated by factors such as team shape, correct spacing, movement of the ball, connecting passes, decision making, speed of play, individual creativity and technical execution under pressure.

Our playing style is set up tactically to maximize passing options playing out from the back by providing multiple angles of support to the player in possession. The basic shape of a diamond cut in half creates triangles, which in theory, provides players with at least two short passing options when on the ball with a further progressive option available after the first pass. Each diamond within the structure of a team formation is connected; therefore, the idea is that players should always have a passing option when on the ball.

At Universal Elite football we use a combination of quick touches and the ability to play without the ball using the open spaces. The defensive balance, the offensive creativity with constant circulations and penetrations.

We feel that a high level of performance can be achieved by looking after our players’ long-term development. It is essential for our players to master basic technical skills at the earliest opportunity in order to improve their comfort level on the ball, while in turn growing in confidence. Our players’ technical execution is challenged in every practice to improve through repetition and various game- realistic pressured situations. Players will also develop a tactical understanding of the game educated through the stages of our club’s playing development pathway.

creating new experiences and environments where the players learn how to be comfortable with the ball on their feet, how to make good decisions before receiving the ball and the most important goal is how to create situations unexpected by the opponents. The variations of experience can be developed on the players with speed of thought, and, speed of improvisation, which are two strong qualities of the Brazilian players.

“There is only one ball, so you better have it”      Johan Cruyff

Success is no accident It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do...

Universal Elite football Academy
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