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Universal football Academy was funded 19 years ago in 2002.

Our aim is for players to play to their very best, and reach their ultimate potential while having fun as well as learning new skills every day and integrate with other players.

Our philosophy is to focus on ball mastery, high intensity and dynamic rhythm.

Everyone will be treated fairly. Coaches evaluate players only for what they do on the practice and game field.


Each player will be treated with respect and as an individual. Correcting players will always be done in a positive manner.
Players must be taught without fear of making a mistake or being ridiculed. Inconsistent play is caused by mental, not physical, breakdowns. We constantly strive to improve Our ability to coach mental and emotional behaviours.
Technique is important as well as coaching the mind. Motivated players are successful players. Winning football begins with preparation and planning. We focus on technique, decision-making and personality. We use ‘The 6P’s of Football’ for our players and teams:

Passing –- Pressing -- Patience – Possession –Penetration -- Positioning.

Demonstrate soccer skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and fair play, as well as to foster youth growth and development through soccer and enjoyment of the game.

Universal Elite football Academy
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